How inclood benefits

Property Trades & Services - Service Providers

Common issues that you likely face:

Lack of control & visibility

Hard to find / file contacts & docs

Disjointed processes & resource management

Pipeline ebbs & flows

Hard to find new clients & employees

Not enough quality downtime

Isolated without support network & don’t know best practice

No time to co-ordinate activities with family & friends

Employment, safety, training, data & security legislation at risk

inclood changes everything, making it easier to run your business, grow your network and be more profitable, all while saving time.

Main aims in work and life.

Grow your network — Grow your business — Improve work life balance
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When you are the supplier of services, you can build your business while making it easier for your customer, your business and workers.
You can impress and stand out to your customers as you provide better service and easier ways for your customers to work with you, while saving all that wasted administration time and stress trying to keep with the processes for both your customer and you.

Starr Kirk

Operations Manager  |  DCFM

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inclood has saved so much time since we implemented it in our daily toolset. Instead of entering information into all our suppliers systems, thanks to inclood, we're out winning new business