inclood benefits


Every industry is unique, yet inclood is so flexible and adaptable with a huge spectrum of tools and systems, that it caters for every kind of industry requirement.

Here are some examples of industries we’ve specifically catered for.


Synchronised staff and contractors everywhere. Efficiently manage everything from one central platform and save.


Compliance, safety, risk management and more made easy. All staff, contractors and suppliers work from the same live update.


In an industry where accuracy, compliance and data access are crucial, inclood centralises everything at your fingertips.


Compliance, risk management, planning, scheduling, admin, data storage and more for everyone to use in one central platform.

Property, strata & facility management

Remove the time wasting disconnect in communications. Manage jobs, compliance, risk, admin & everything else from inclood.


Bring order to the chaos. Manage everyone and everything in one place, to improve standards like risk & compliance while saving time & cost.


Remove the disconnect to improve efficiency, saving time & money. All while improving standards of risk, compliance, admin & more.

Home Care

Cross every 't' & dot every 'i' in one efficient platform, improving compliance standards and order, while saving time and cost.

Emergency Services

Manage everyone and everything in one central location, improving compliance, risk, live updates, response times and much more.

Aged Care

Manage everyone and everything in one place. Compliance, risk management, admin, planning, budgets, staff tasks and more.

In aged care, no step can be missed and everything must be logged. Inclood is perfect, because it not only makes compliance so easy, it saves us huge amounts of time. That means we have more time to provide the best care possible.


Aged Care Nurse